A selection of artworks

Glassy tree –After Hockney.
This was inspired by part of a picture by Hockney painted I think in the Eighties, showing a scene from a Mid western prairie farm.I can’t remember its name, but there is a barn and in the background a tree.Its only a small part of the original composition but I could see that it would be reproducible in glass.The finished version doesn’t really look that much like its inspiration but I think it’s quite good.I have a soft spot and great admiration for Hockney and have derived inspiration from several of his pictures.

Park Avenue after GK
GK was Gustav Klimt,and this image is part of the composition of his picture Park Avenue. When I saw it I wanted to try and make it in glass.I didn’t realise what a task I’d taken on. I took absolutely forever to make the smaller and smaller parts of the drive ( to convey perspective ), but I persevered. I like the result.

Zen Garden at Ryoanji after Hockney.
I’ve said in other posts that I have a bit of a thing for Hockney’s work.This is based on one of the Polaroid pictures which Hockney made on a visit to Japan.I had to strip all elements but two, the concentric grooves raked into gravel by the Zen monks and the rocks which sit like islands on the sea of gravel, from the original picture. I knew when I saw the original I wanted to use some of the big burnt glass lumps I have found here and there.The end result isn’t quite what I saw in my minds eye and I will try to revisit this idea.First find the burnt glass lumps and then make a better fist of engraving the lines around them,maybe change the composition a little also.

Windsurfers at Plouarzel
I’m being a bit ironic when I call myself an international artist, but I really have exhibited in three countries. England, France and Wales.
I got asked to be part of a group exhibition of recycling artists by French ” pinceur ” Jean-Jaques Petton, who organises them.Pinceur translates as beachcomber I believe.Like me ,Jean-Jaques gets his art materials from beaches.Did’nt sell a thing but had a good time in Brittany and found inspiration for this picture from a tourist leaflet.Lovely beaches in Brittany and astonishingly clean.Only found one piece of plastic on the beach while there, but that did become part of another picture about a famous French footballer.Thats another story however.

Stormy Clouds over Trees and River
There is a reason for the apparent gap at the bottom of the picture .It is designed to sit in a groove cut into a granite cobble I cut for this purpose.That way in can sit on a window shelf and be movable.Should get a photo of both together.