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Authorship, copying and the signature of the artist.

April 13th, 2018 by

I’ve been thinking about how I could sign my works lately. Various people have said that I should sign the front of my pics. To which I counter that most of the materials I use won’t take any kind of properly permanent mark on them. I’ve thought about making a wire model of my scribble and then I could heat it and literally brand my pics. Might work, but would need different sizes of brand to fit different pics. Making them nicely probably beyond my capacity now.
So for instance with this new work  ( called ” Just Checking ” ) pictured above I’ll do as I usually do and sign on the reverse. But I’ve also been thinking about Andy Warhol and his multiple screen print images especially Marilyn, his first such one. Turns out he was trying to mechanise his production and remove himself as ” auteur ” as far as possible from the process of producing his prints. In tandem with this he didn’t always sign his work which has lead to ongoing disputes about the authenticity or not ( and hence value ) of some prints and other works of his. Another way I thought of possibly putting my mark onto pictures was to use letter punches. These are designed to be hammered and in doing so impress the letter form into whatever you’re trying to use. Something hard like metal works well. Which gave me the idea of doing something which involves repeats, very POP art. A limited edition but definitely authored by me ( subverting Warhol while drawing inspiration from him ) again very POP art. So watch this space, should have more to see tomorrow. In the meantime see if you recognise the picture below.

It’s my updated version of Lichtenstein’s original “Sandwich and a Soda”

The above is a sketch of the original I made when I saw it last year at the Tate, Liverpool. Mine is different in several respects but clearly derived from Mr L’s original. So in this case I’m going to acknowledge that by calling my “modern” version  ” Wrap and a Frapuccino , after RL “, credit where it’s due. I have actually used bits of takeaway containers ( which are such a ubiquitous litter nuisance ) to belabour the environmentalist stance which underpins everything I do. First time I’ve used paper/card in any work. Not sure how I’ll sign it yet though.