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January 28th, 2018 by

Cocktails at the a Traffic Lights

The great thing about beachcombing for materials is the constant flow of inspiration provided by the finding of new bits. Then comes the difficult and sometimes prolonged work of getting what you’ve found transformed into what your mind’s eye sees. The above is a newly framed picture called ” Cocktails at the Traffic Lights ” which I started working on last year with a vague idea of doing something architectural. Each weekend though as I went out to various beaches I’d find new bits which I wanted to incorporate and each time this happens the balance of the composition changes which makes it a bit of a slog sometimes. I particularily like the way I managed to incorporate some bits of a flip flop I found into the picture. It was pink with white lettering and you can see some of it filling various holes in the other elements of the composition.


Still in their Sights

This picture is called “Still in their Sights ” and follows from finding another piece of a “Target” label( yellow and black bit in upper right of picture) from the shore of an Army firing range near me. Don’t worry, I can only go when they are not shooting.It was not until some time later however that I found the circular frame and the child’s action figure toy( both from Ginst point if I remember rightly.The pink and green spikes also came up on the same day from Ginst. So I had most of the elements then and sort of knew how I was going to put them together. The blue piece with circular holes might have come then or later I’m not sure but I know I already had the black and white graphic seen centre foreground and the black trainer sole low right. Ditto the lino ¬†which underlies this latter and the trunk of the action toy. Then I had to find the means to fill the holes in the blue piece ( mostly with bottle tops ) and during the search for these I found the worn and corroded metal piece seen along the lower edge of the yellow target bit. I’ve called as I have in reference to an earlier picture ” You are the Target ” Seen below.


You Are the Target.

In both pictures I am referring to the way the advertising industry “targets” us with its relentless bombardment. Another series begins ?