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Good start to 2018.

January 10th, 2018 by

Getting out after the recent storms has been productive. The bits in the picture have come from several different sites including Aberafan near Swansea where there has been a fair bit of erosion revealing new stuff, some from the military firing range at Ginst point near Laugharne.

Untitled work in progress.

I need now to find lots of bottle tops and/or other circular things to fill the holes in the blue grid on the left. The torso was part of a complete action man type figure which was full of sand and had to be retired in the cause of ART. The yellow piece with black lettering is similar to a piece I have found and used before so maybe I have the makings of a series ? See below a picture called “You Are the Target ” ¬†which is where I first

You Are the Target.

used a piece of the same yellow fibreglass with black lettering. This also came from a military firing range but elsewhere. There is a much smaller piece of the same bit in

The World Goes Pop.

the picture above. Anyway I feel 2018 has got off to a good start and I hope I can continue to keep producing good work.