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Anthropocene mass extinction event memorial

January 18th, 2018 by

Equations of Loss.
Beachcombed and worked various materials including steel, rubber, plastics, fabric and lino on plywood..

For some time now I have been mulling over an idea of doing something as a memorial to the species that have died out in the human era. Scientists claim that there is an accelerating loss of species of all kinds going on now and that man’s activities are the root cause. I have completed two parts of ( if it comes off ) what ¬†will be a very large piece of work. I suppose technically it will have to be classed as an installation. The above picture will be one part of the complete piece.


“Altar of the Anthropocene mass extinction “
Beachcombed and worked plastic and ctacean vertebrae.

My plan is to mount these between two very large monolithic slabs of black plastic which have circular holes in them. God knows what their original purpose was but they took some getting off the beach. See below the smaller ( by about 4 inches ) of the two slabs. My plan is to cut circular pieces of thick coloured plastic to fit into the holes visible in the black slabs. These will stand on either side and form part of the support for the other two elements seen above.


Part of the planned ” Memorial to the Anthropocene Mass extinction., while man carried on uncaring”