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Not quite the end of the Year

December 25th, 2017 by

Hello Peeps, this has been a busy and successful year. Sold more pictures than ever before, done a wider variety of ” things” also. Go to this link see the review of my successful one man show “Rock House Goes Pop. Current work includes a collaboration with two other Welsh speaking artists which we are aiming to be about the predicament of the Welsh language. Can’t reveal any more for the present.

The picture above needs framing but is otherwise finished. I have yet to think of a title for it though. The picture is trying to show how human planning and control as exemplified in the architectural elements of the picture, a cityscape if you will, is always intermingled with elements of the uncontrolled,unplanned. You can’t have control without chaos I suppose is what I am saying. This should be perfectly obvious to every adult that’s lived in a city and found nature overwhelming them whether in the form of some wildlife or of the weather. That thread of the unexpected should be savoured and treasured but we continue to live lives in denial of this. I need therefore to think of a pithy title to express this view.

This picture above is a bit of a departure for me. I’m deliberately placing the found and worked bits with gaps or borders around them. Doing so on a black background does give unity to the picture. Having it in landscape format seems to give the composition a better sense of narrative ( space to “read it ” right to left I guess ) . I actually put it together in portrait format and while I think I prefer it in landscape I may juggle some of the elements. Finally, I made a Christmas picture for the first time.

Nadolig Llawen , Happy Chritmas to all my readers. Thank you for your interest.