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Art on the Faith Trail 2017

June 7th, 2017 by

This years AotFT group exhibition will open at St David’s Cathedral on Friday 16th June at 4.00pm. At the same time there will a further 13 venues throughout North and South Pembrokeshire hosting individual members exhibitions. See for more details of where and who. I will be having a solo show at St Peter’s Church, Marloes and a joint show with my esteemed colleague and great painter Austen Pinkerton at All Saints Church, Mathry. All these shows run until the end of July

The image above is from a part of a 17th century wooden chest with carved decoration, which is mounted on a wall in Marloes church. The story goes that the chest was washed up next to the drowned body of a sailor on Marloes beach. This poor unkown was buried at the church and the story and this part of the chest is all that survives. The carved images on the chest and the story made me think of the predicament of the migrants who have been on the seas of late escaping desperate circumstances in their homelands and in many cases coming to grief at sea. These are things I have been thinking about for a while and so I think the show at Marloes will have an overall theme of” Leaving the Homeland ”┬áto it.

This photo above shows a picture entitled ” Border Patrol “, something which migrants probably dread.

This picture is entitled ” Oh Aleppo ” and shows the hellish circumstances that some migrants are seeking to escape.

The picture above is entitled ” A Mouth Cries Out in Terror ” , see top left in the centre of the yellow area. Each of the four quarters shows circumstances affecting migrants, so top left, terror at home for whatever reason. Bottom left, a gun , behind which the Western world looks out at the migrant crisis in incomprehension. Bottom right, the hands of a migrant child reaching up out water to the side of a boat and caught in a spotlight, what we cannot see is the child’s parent who stands below holding the child up beseeching aid. Top right, the huddled masses of migrants gathering against the fences erected all over to keep them out. Between these four quarters we see a continuous and nonsensical jumble of letters and signs which signify the meaningless babble and roar of people ignoring what is going on. These and other pictures will be on show at Marloes church.

At Mathry church I will be sharing the much larger space with Austen Pinkerton. This church has recently been refurbished and offers a wonderfully light and airy space for us to show our work within. There is no overall theme to this show so I will be showing a selection of works , some new and some a little older.

The above picture is entitled ” Sunflowers near St David’s ” and should look well in the space at Mathry.

This picture shows a glass picture called “Gorseflower Hedge ” , it’s made with beachcombed glass glued onto plain sheet glass. The picture is mounted in a former street cobble which I have cut and ground.

Finally, this picture is called ” Red Storm ” and refers to the wild fires which threatened parts of Australia a couple of years ago. I think it was originally part of a surfboard.

The St David’s group exhibition will be the subject of a further post.