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New picture for Breaking Out of the Gallery .

May 1st, 2017 by

Last summer saw the first outdoor Art Trail by the Breaking Out of the Gallery group. I was one of its exhibitors and was very happy to have sold the exhibited picture at the after show auction. So this years theme is Forgotten Histories and we are invited to go down memory lane. We chose to come to Haverfordwest some 28 years ago and here is where we have raised our family . So my memories of Haverfordwest are intertwined with the birth and growth of our children as well as some of the places which loom large in my memories.

The picture started with the finding of the the large steel ring which ( cleaned up ) forms the frame for the picture. This turns out to have been a cylinder gasket for a pretty big engine, probably a big boat. The rest of the picture started to come together with the finding of part of a bucket in the shape of a castle and the lino with the stone pattern. I had a title in mind which was ” 4 lovely kids and 1 happy marriage ” . The photo above shows the picture in development.

Here’s the finished article. The five hearts represent my wife and four children. The Castle is fairly obvious and is important to us because we live close to it and all of the kids played there as kids. Haverfordwest has several bridges across the Cleddau and in the lower centre of the picture is the “old bridge ” which has three arches, which I have taken some liberties with. Above the bridge and to the left are two squares which represent us adults, mum and dad. Mum has four circles upon her representing the four kids and the other square has a red sort of lightning pattern on it which represents me and my creativity. Above that there is part of a bread tray, anyone remember Sunblest ? Wasn’t great bread but I really feel we have been “blest” in the west. ¬†Above that there is an H above which is a half beer cap with the word “Honey “on it . Honey Harfat is an old nick name for the town . The blue square pattern lino in the centre represents the river itself. Above it all we see the sun blazing . Everything else is decoration. ¬†Hope you will like it when it is seen as part of this summer’s Breaking Out of the Gallery outdoor Art trail.