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March 3rd, 2017 by

Been quiet of late as I have been busy completing a run of new work for a show opening tomorrow at Upstairs Gallery in Narberth. Not every one can get there so here are a few closeup snaps. I will put more pictures up when the show has been running a few weeks.This one above is part of a large landscape format picture entitled ” Fishguard( Jazz ) ” because Fishguard has a very good Jazz Festival in August and I wanted to reference that as well as some of its architecture and environment ( hence all the watery,wavey signifiers in the pic ). It’s materials include trainer soles, basketballs,road signs, children’s toys and lots of other unidentifiable plastic material washed up on the various beaches I frequent. It’s the 3rd in an ongoing series, Haverfordwest was done last year ( and sold) , Tenby will be on show along with the above. Who knows which of Pembrokeshire’s pretty towns or only city I shall do next.In this next one you can see part of the frame which is steel and might have been part of a boat porthole, at any rate it came from a local beach which had a boat breaking business on it for many decades and I can’t think what else it might have been. The materials in this one include vintage Lino,fibreglass,sponge dog ball and plastic footballs. The latter are a surprisingly common find on beaches all over and I suppose reflect football’s preeminence in our present day culture. The picture is called ” The World goes Pop ” by which I’m referencing Pop Art and the seemingly explosive disintegration of modern life together.In this picture the main elements are fibreglass, a sandal sole and some vintage Lino.Its a close up of part of the picture ( as are both the previous pics ). It’s called ” You are the Target ” partly because I believe it incorporates part of a target from an MOD shooting/ bombing range which was found on one the beaches which fringe this site and partly because I wanted to visually pun on the iconic target paintings of the Pop Art giant Jasper Johns. You need to see this picture yourself to really appreciate what I’m getting at. If reading this stimulates you to visit the show tomorrow, do tell me as I shall be there most of the day.Details below.