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New work in the Mixed Messages series.

June 21st, 2016 by

I have been very busy making pictures since announcing that I am to have a show in September at MOMA Machynlleth.Partly a rush of creative energy from the implied approbation of the above offer, partly the now maturing realisation of my being a pop artist and the direction this gave me and partly the availability of materials collected by beach cleaning groups who let me have first dibs on what they have gathered ( thanks to Newgale Beach Wombles, Keep Wales Tidy and others whose names escape my ageing memory )image

These two above are entitled “Steelworks”, the circular one and the oval one called “All About You”. After these I was thinking to try and use less of the letter fragments and more of the graphic shapes I find in the various bits I (and others) find.image
If I say so myself I think the first of these, entitled “The Future of Haverfordwest” has worked very well. If my home town of H’west ever becomes half as vibrant as this picture then it will be an exciting place to live. Looking forward to that !
The second is entitled “The World Weighs Heavy On My Shoulder”.This is deliberately referencing Munch’s “The Scream”. I’m less confident of the appeal of this one.image
This is the last one in the series, for the moment at least. It’s called “Oh Lord Give Me Strenth To Deal With What Is To Come ” which sort of reflects how I feel with the prospect of the Brexit vote before us BUT it’s a hell of a mouthful and I might just call it “Wrestling Mask” because of the figure in the lower foreground just right of centre. It’s made with the heel of a shoe which has the spaces filled with parts of a toothbrush(orange and white)and blue bits with raised arrow like forms. This looks to me like a Mexican wrestlers mask. Next I want to try and work at a bigger scale,which will require bigger bits to be found. Watch this space. See you in September ar Machynlleth.