Welcome to Beachcombing Art

I’ve always been keen on making things. Partly through necessity not having the cash to buy the ready made and partly through the urge to be self sufficient. I was seized with an urge to make pictures some years ago and very consciously chose to do so using what I could find from beaches. Since then there haven’t been enough hours in the day to deal with what I find and the inspiration it gives.
There is more inspiration in the raw materials that are washed up onto British coastlines than a battalion of like minded persons could find and use in their lifetimes. I love searching for this “stuff”, which I think is a man thing, hunter gathering having been our mode of existence for a lot longer than we have been settled.

Once I’ve found some “stuff” which attracts my eye either for its colour or shape, the challenge is to use it. I’ve spent a good part of the last seventeen years finding ways to use the myriad different materials which the sea gives up to me.

I’m exceptionally fortunate to live near places where I can find this “stuff” and to have had the opportunities given me to put the finished articles before you. I hope you enjoy what you see and maybe get some inspiration for yourself too. Happy Hunting!